4 Rolls Pack Air Pillow Film 8×4″ 1969ft (600m, 6000 Bags/Roll)

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1. Each Small Bag Can Bearing Pressure 60 lb

2. It’s Made Up of 100% New Polyethylene

3. Perforated Every 4″ For Easy Tear Off

4. 99% Air & 1% PE Material After Inflating

5. 2″ Inner Paper Core Diameter, 6000 Bags/Roll

6. On-Demand Inflate, Tear-To-Use

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1. Feature

● Ideal for applications needing product separation, blocking & bracing, carton lining, product wrapping,

lightweight cushioning, product interleaving, and limited void fill.

● For light & durable goods, it is an on-demand inflatable air pillow available in different sizes: 8″×4″, 8″×5″, 8″×8″ or customized.

● Provides your businesses the flexibility to customize systems.

● Designed to run our Air Cushion Machine on-demand inflatable solution platform.


2. Application

● Cube Optimization: Multiple sized air pillows can fit small carton sizes, reducing dimensional and actual shipping weight which reduces your overall freight costs.

● Damage Reduction: Bridges the gap between void fill & cushioning applications. Multiple sizes fit the carton, keeping products from moving during the shipping process.

● Fulfillment Velocity: Reduce material usage up to 60% compared to wrapping with low end bubble wrap. Less material means faster packaging, getting more out the door.