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Air Pillow Cushion Film

Ideal for applications needing product separation, blocking & bracing, carton lining, product wrapping.

Air Bubble Cushion Film

Manufactured to offer strong resistance. Design offers product protection while reducing material & shipping costs.

Air Cushion Machine

Make 40 Feet of Film Rolls Per Minute, With Adjustable Air Volume, Sealing Temperature, Speed

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Your International Partner for Protective Packaging

Cushion Your Shipment with Air

Air does not cost much to ship. When you use our Air Cushioning, air is virtually the only weight you are adding. 

Compared to other popular padding and void fill materials, our air pillows are much less expensive per cubic foot than any other shipping material on the market.

Our pre-filled air cushioning is less expensive than other popular Padding and void fill materials. Plus, air does not cost much to ship. 


Increased efficiency, cost savings, and better protection.

This kind of filling is very convenient to use the machine to inflate, and it is very efficient. It protects my package very well and makes my customers very satisfied.

Briana Luke

E-commerce seller

The inflatable filling film is lighter than any filling, and it is in a film state before being inflated, which saves warehouse space.


John Skywalk

Warehouse manager

A lot of packing work every day made me anxious and spent a lot of money. After using inflatable materials, my consumables costs are reduced, and my space is seldom occupied. I like this feeling.

Sarah Jones

E-commerce seller

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