Airship Automatic Electric Tape Dispenser Packaging Machine Tape 110V

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Airship Automatic Electric Tape Dispenser Packaging Machine Tape 110V

Innovative Operation: Our fully automatic machine, with a low price and high quality, supports manual/automatic dual modes. It features 6 preset cutting lengths and an intelligent sensor design. It is the perfect assistant for your “production line” and achieves efficient packaging! Just try it and feel the differences!

  • Applicable to Most Tape: The automatic tape dispenser can hold two rolls of tape at the same time, tape cutting width: 0.24″-2.36″(6-60 mm), and a cutting length: 0.2″-39.3″(5-999 mm). Fits most tapes on the market, such as scotch tape, fiber tape, acetate tape, double-sided tape, high-temperature tape, beauty tape, and box sealing tape.
  • Fool-style Operation: Our small and compact machine is ready to use. The digital display is easy to read and operate. You can set the cutting length freely according to your needs. The pressure roller fixes the tape stably. Cut one piece after another without pressing the button again in auto mode.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Our machine is all made of ABS Materials for anti-static. The high-quality knife box has passed the 2 million times life test, displaying its durability confidently. The bottom partition is convenient for tape output and effectively prevents the tape from becoming trapped; the support bracket meets the needs of various positions.
  • Neat & Clean Cutting Effect: You will be satisfied with the clean-cutting effect of the automatic tape dispenser. It features a neat, accurate, and fast cut compared to traditional manual types. Say no to curling and sticking, greatly reducing waste.