Mini Air cushion inflator packing machine New


1. Make 40 Feet of Film Rolls Per Minute

2. Suitable for 8″×4″, 8″×8″, 16″×12.6″, 23″×15.7″ Various Films

3. Working Normally For 8 Hours Per Day, 3 Years of Lifetime

4. With Adjustable Air Volume, Sealing Temperature, Speed

5. Light Weight (12.1lbs only) & Save Valuable Warehouse Space




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1. Feature

● Fast Speed: Mini Air Cushion Machine produces 40 feet of Air Cushion Film Roll per minute.

This allows your business to get more packages out the door with less downtime at each station.

● Simplified Operation: Simply plug in & load film and the AT-100 Air Cushion Machine is ready for operation.

● Versatile Film Options: The AT-100 Air Cushion Machine is available in three widths (8″, 16″ & 23″).


2. Application

● Damage Reduction: Air Pillows are 20-30% more consistently inflated and retain this inflation longer than competitor bags, protecting products being shipped.

● Customer Experience: Customers receive their products as expected, free of damage & have very little material to dispose of after opening their package.

● Fulfillment Velocity: The platform dispenses 40 ft per minute of inflatable air cushion film that can quickly be packed around durable goods for shipping efficiently.